Update: This simple-but-powerful utility was featured in the May 2008 edition of Microsoft's MSDN Magazine.

SharePoint Solution ExporterThe SharePoint Solution Exporter is a very simple-but-powerful tool that allows you to export and save any solution installed on your farm to your local disk.  Once you have exported your solution (.wsp) file you can rename it to a more appropriate solution name for easy and clear identification; and you can take that solution and deploy it to another farm.  Here is what the SharePoint Solution Exporter tool looks like:


You must run this tool locally on your SharePoint web server.  To export a solution package:

  1. Enter the URL to your web server and click the Go button.
  2. A list of installed solutions will appear in the list body.
  3. Select the solution of your choice.
  4. Click the Download Solution File and specify name of your solution file in the Save As dialog.

I hope you find this utility as helpful as I have.


SharePoint Solution Exporter EXE (zip)
SharePoint Solution Exporter source code (zip)